UPDATE: Two Cryptocurrencies That Are Set To Soar

Three weeks ago I pointed out two cryptocurrencies that I believed were set to soar. Despite a very harsh environment across the crypto space during the last few weeks, Lisk is up ~35%  since I published that article (and at one point  a couple weeks ago Lisk nearly doubled) and Litecoin is down marginally (single digit percentages).

I now believe that both Litecoin and Lisk are fast approaching crucial moments which could result in large price advances:

Litecoin (Daily)

After putting in place a double-bottom during the last couple of weeks Litecoin is poised to break-out above resistance near $175. A breakout above $175 would offer a measured move target of $240. There is minor support near $150 followed by the double-bottom at $107.

Lisk is one of the most bullish crypto charts out there currently:

Lisk (Daily)

Above $32 Lisk will target fresh all-time highs above $45. Meanwhile, there is minor support near $25 then a much bigger level near $20.

It’s not a secret that my two favorite cryptos begin with the letter L and with significant news flow expected for both Litecoin and Lisk over the coming weeks I can see both of these cryptocurrencies posting double-digit percentage gains before the end of February.


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