The Best in Crypto – 6/9/18

Mastercard Files Patent for Blockchain System to Secure Card Payments

The financial service provider filed a patent called “Method And System For Payment Card Verification Via Blockchain,” described as a “public blockchain-assisted conveyance and retrieval of payment processes to verify and secure users’ information” (Cointelegraph).

Third Largest Crypto Exchange Huobi Creates New Platform in US

HBUS “…is not an “arm,” “subsidiary,” “division,” or any type of “affiliate” of Huobi. Nor is HBUS to be referenced as “Huobi US” or any variant thereof. HBUS is the “exclusive US strategic partner of Huobi” (Cointelegraph).

Bank of Italy Official: Central Banks Not Ready to Issue Digital Currencies

Fabio Panetta, the deputy governor of the Bank of Italy, said that central banks aren’t ready, at least in the short-term, to handle the implications of launching wholly digital currencies (Coindesk).

Moscow Stock Exchange to Publish ICO Data

The Moscow Exchange is currently developing a platform for publishing token sale data, and is planning to share information about initial coin offerings later this year (Coindesk).

Regulatory Concerns Dampen Bitcoin Volatility

“While cryptocurrency markets have received some regulatory updates this week, the widespread uncertainty surrounding how government agencies will treat these assets going forward has hindered Bitcoin trading, reducing volumes and clamping down on volatility” (Forbes).

A Sit-Down With Billionaire Bitcoin Mining Mogul Jihan Wu of Bitmain

Honest interview with Jihan Wu, the 32-year-old cofounder and co-CEO of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency mining firm Bitmain (Fortune).

Bitcoin [BTC] headed for a big breakout, predictions continue

Robert Sluymer, one of Fundstrat’s Global Advisors, said, “Long-term trend is up. If we define a trend by a series of higher lows, with higher lows all the way through” (AMBCrypto).

Instead of Buying Bitcoin, Play This Bitcoin Trading Game

Created by a group of Latvian students, Bitcoin Flip is a free web game allows you to “trade 24 cryptocurrencies based on real-life prices pulled from various online exchanges… making this a decent educational tool for beginner crypto enthusiasts” (Life Hacker).

Why a 19-year-old Bitcoin millionaire built a working Dr. Octopus suit

What to know about Erik Finman, the teenage ‘combination’ of Elon Musk and Martin Shrkeli (Digital Trends).


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