The Best in Crypto – 6/8/18

‘Chinese Google’ Baidu to Release Interstellar Blockchain Game

Chinese search engine Baidu has created a blockchain-based game called “Du Yuzhou” (The Universe) where users will receive “elements” to build their own planets while using blockchain features. It’s an “open blockchain interplanetary journey,” described as “a magical world made up of all kinds of rare elements” with each user having a “unique planet” that can be explored (Cointelegraph).

Report: $1.1 Bln in Crypto Has Been Stolen This Year

Carbon Black said that “criminals take advantage of the dark web to facilitate large-scale cryptocurrency theft. Estimates reportedly show that there are 12,000 marketplaces and 34,000 offerings associated with cryptotheft hackers can take advantage of. The dark web can be only accessed with the application of special software and allows users to stay anonymous and mostly untraceable” (Cointelegraph).

Alibaba Affiliate to Boost Blockchain Development After $14 Billion Raise

The payment affiliate of Chinese internet giant Alibaba, Ant Financial, has raised $14 billion, which will be used to further develop new technologies (Coindesk).

‘Just Beware’ Is All Jamie Dimon Will Say About Bitcoin

In a joint interview with Warren Buffet, the CEO of Wall Street investment bank J.P Morgan Chase said, “I– I don’t wanna be the bitcoin spokesman. You know, just beware” (Coindesk).

What’s Next For Bitcoin: $14,000 Or $1,600?

Irish broker discusses the possibilities for Bitcoin’s price (Forbes).

Research: Only 10% of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is used for transactions

“A new study by blockchain intelligence firm Chainanalysis suggests that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts still use BCH for investment purposes a lot more regularly than for transactions. Indeed, the amount of BCH held in wallets is 10 times higher than the amount of BCH used in transactions” (Hard Fork).

Bitcoin’s Progress Into Mainstream Adoption

Bitcoin criticism, acceptance and success (Crypto Slate).

Crypto companies ‘running towards’ regulation is good for bitcoin, analyst Tom Lee says

Two major cryptocurrency companies are “running towards” regulation: “Coinbase announced it would acquire securities dealer Keystone Capital Wednesday in a bid to become a fully SEC-regulated broker-dealer and Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency platform Circle is reportedly seeking a federal banking license” (CNBC).

India’s bitcoin boom is fueling a surge in cryptocurrency crime

Ponzi schemes, fake apps and social media accounts, exchanges under attack, and more (Quartz).

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