The Best in Crypto – 6/2/18

EOS About to Secure a Record $4 Bln in Year-Long ICO

“The highly-anticipated formal release of the accompanying software, which proponents claim will constitute a decentralized operating system for large-scale decentralized applications, will also see developers prepare token migration to new EOS wallets” (Cointelegraph).

Singapore Startup Secures $12.3 Bln in Assets on Blockchain Platform

Singapore-based crypto-finance company FUSION has secured $12.3 billion in financial assets from FormulA, Carnex, and KuaiLaiCai (in the fields of asset management, car financing and restaurant supply chain management) (Cointelegraph).

Taking Back Power: An Upstart Government Plans to Tokenize Energy

“Despite the police crackdown that followed last October’s failed bid for independence, the Catalan government plans to airdrop an energy trading token to people in the northeastern Spanish region. The plan is to incentivize solar power generation by circumventing rules inhibiting its adoption made by Madrid” (Coindesk).

Binance Reveals Plan for $1 Billion Blockchain Startup Fund

The large cryptocurrency exchange has announced the launch of its $1 billion “Social Impact Fund” to foster the growth of blockchain and crypto startups (Coindesk).

Is Bitcoin Better Than Business Blockchains? They’re More Alike Than You Think

Amber Baldet discusses the similarities between business blockchains and Bitcoin (Forbes).

IBM Will Beat Bitcoin

Economics professor analyzes the pros of Blockchain and Bitcoin and stands his ground on IBM’s strength (Forbes).

Early Bitcoin Developer Recounts “Weird” Interactions with Satoshi

The man behind the famous Bitcoin pizza order discusses his personal interactions with Satoshi Nakamoto (

Understanding The Data – Bitcoin Investing

A rundown of Bitcoin investing (Seeking Alpha).

Bittrex exchange will let investors swap their dollars for cryptocurrency

In the past, alt coins were primarily be purchased by first converting dollars into bitcoin, however, a U.S.-based crypto exchange lets investors buy coins using U.S. dollars (CNBC).

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