The Best in Crypto – 6/15/18

Walmart Awarded Patent for Crypto-Powered Energy Consumption Management System

Filed in December 2017, the system is “designed to help companies better manage energy consumption and regulate demand on an electrical grid using a publicly distributed transactions ledger” (Cointelegraph).

South Korea to Develop ‘Crypto Beach’, Modelled After Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’

At a recent blockchain event in Seoul “2018 Global Blockchain Conference,” chairman of the Korea ICT Financial Convergence Association Oh Jung-geun said, “We need a place to concentrate on the cryptographic industry in Korea like the Crypto Valley in Switzerland.” The “Crypto Beach” will supposedly be at Haeundae, Busan, located in eastern Busan, South Korea (Cointelegraph).

A Real-Time Battle Over Trashy Art Is Becoming a Big Deal for Bitcoin

Satoshi’s Place, a web app where users can create digital pictures by sending small amounts of bitcoin, has become a place where users are “all competing for a patch of digital property,” with the graffiti tool becoming the site of “territorial battles” (Coindesk).

The EOS Blockchain Is Now Officially Live

What you need to know about EOS Blockchain (Coindesk).

Ripple to Invest $2 Million in Texas University’s Blockchain Research

The San Francisco-based startup pledged to invest $2 million over the next five years in the university’s McCombs School of Business to support its Blockchain Research Initiative (Coindesk).

What If Bitcoin, Crypto Prices Are Being Manipulated?

An analytical ‘what if’ about crypto price manipulation (Forbes).

Bitcoin’s Greater Fools Go Into Hiding

Bitcoin’s performance and HODLing (Bloomberg).

Farhad’s Week in Tech: Bitcoin and the Scams Under Everything

Bitcoin and the ubiquitous scams (New York Times).

Why Mastercard is ripping a page from Bitcoin’s book

A deeper look into Mastercard having nearly 30 blockchain patents in its name (Digital Trends).

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