The Best in Crypto – 6/12/18

$Gold Robert “Goldfinger” likes Gold as a contrarian position

Goldfinger is interviewed (ForexAnalytix).

Wells Fargo bans credit card purchases of bitcoin

Following the steps of other major banks, a spokesperson with the California bank confirmed the new policy, saying Wells Fargo would “continue to evaluate the issue as the market evolves,” and the move is “due to the multiple risks associated with this volatile investment” (CBS).

Crypto Exchange Binance to Offer Fiat-Crypto Trading via Malta-Based Platform

The second-largest crypto exchange, Binance, announced plans to allow fiat-crypto trading this year through a separate Malta-based exchange (Cointelegraph).

Forget Prices, Ethereum Is Offering a Different Value in Afghanistan

A non-profit for teaching women in Afghanistan to write code has partnered with the Bounties Network to allow students to accept ether for work they do (Coindesk).

The EU Wants to Hear Your Questions About Blockchain

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, an organization established by the European Commission to focus on blockchain research and development, is hosting a 90-minute ‘ask me anything’ session “to address any concerns from the public about blockchain and the organization’s future plan in the emerging space” (Coindesk).

This Could Be The Next Big Thing For The Bitcoin Price

“Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, was revealed last month to have been developing an online platform to buy cryptocurrency” (Forbes).

Supposed perks of crypto hacking (Forbes).

Russian Gov’t, Corporate Giants Form Joint Venture to Develop in Blockchain, IoT

Russian giants, including Gazprombank, USM Group and Rostec, have created a joint venture that plans to develop projects in blockchain and the digital economy, referred to as MF Technologies –  worth $450 million (Cointelegraph).

Bitcoin Price Decline Caused by Hodlers’ Unprecedented $30 Billion Sell-Off: Research

“New research from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis suggests that it was long-term investors, hands calloused from years of hodling though they may have been, who triggered the decline and then continued to sell into the dip… those former hodlers largely sold to new speculators — not other long-term investors, shifting the balance of bitcoin wealth away from those with a demonstrated ability to hodl through adversity and toward buyers who may not have the stomach for a multi-year bear market” (CCN).

How To Avoid Fake ICOs

Brief summary of what to avoid when dealing with initial coin offerings (Medium: Jacob Parker-Bowles).


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