The Best in Crypto – 6/1/18

Third Largest Crypto Exchange Launches Crypto-Based Exchange Traded Fund

The third largest crypto exchange, by volume, Huobi is launching a crypto-based ETF called Huobi 10, which “will potentially help new users to gain exposure to the crypto markets by giving them a stake in a diversified basket of assets” (Cointelegraph).

Alibaba-Founded Insurtech Firm Promotes Blockchain Use in Healthcare Industry

Chinese-based ZhongAn tech wants to utilize the blockchain technology to cut risk and costs in healthcare insurance (Cointelegraph).

Vermont Governor Signs Bill Clearing Way for Blockchain Companies

Phil Scott signed a bill “allowing for the creation of so-called ‘blockchain-based limited liability companies'” (Coindesk).

Mastercard Looks to Blockchain to Make Coupons Immutable

The payment giant is looking to Blockchain to help verify the authenticity of customer coupons via patent application for a “Method and System for Authentication of Coupons via Blockchain” (Coindesk).

The most valuable banknote in circulation is worth about as much as a bitcoin

The bill is Brunei’s B$10,000 note, which is worth about $7,482 (about the same as bitcoin these days, around $7,500). Issued in 2006, it features a portrait of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiahwas (Quartz).

Buy bitcoin now while it’s still cheap, says cryptocurrency hedge-fund owner

Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital Management, says it’s a good time to buy (CNBC).

A group of Bitcoin nerds are trying to secede from America

“Bitcointopia will be a town in the middle of the Nevada desert that will serve as the capital of a new country that will be called the United States of Bitcoin, which you can buy into for the low, low price of half a Bitcoin — about $3750, given today’s Bitcoin price of approximately $7,555 — per acre. The Bitcointopia website claims that the United States of Bitcoin will derive its sovereignty from the Treason Act of 1495, which is a British medieval common law that says you can be immune from prosecution if you declare yourself to be fighting on the side of a rightful ruler” (The Outline).

Bitcoin exchange abandons Poland even as the government invites it to a working group

BitBay, a Central European exchange, shut down its operations in Poland after being invited by the Polish government to participate in national Blockchain working group (Tech Crunch).

“Learning how to securely archive records that hold private keys like a JSON file or exporting, importing, and sweeping can provide people with the basic steps towards really owning bitcoin” (



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