The Best in Crypto – 5/9/18

China’s 2nd Largest Bitcoin Mining Hardware Producer Plans To Launch $1 Bln IPO In Hong Kong

If Canaan Creative is successful, it would be the first blockchain-related company to be listed on the city’s markets (Cointelegraph).

From Hype to Reality: Everything You Need to Know about the Congress Blockchain Hearing

Detailed description on what occurred in the joint hearing titled, “Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management and Combat Counterfeit Goods” (Cointelegraph).

Bitcoin Lightning Payments Are Slowly Becoming Less Reckless

Elaboration on the improvements made to the problematic Lightning system (Coindesk).

Winklevoss Brothers Win Crypto Exchange Patent

Winklevoss IP has been awarded a patent that “aims to settle exchange traded products (ETPs) holding cryptocurrencies” (Coindesk).

The Wealthy Are Hoarding $10 Billion of Bitcoin in Bunkers

A peek into the startup Xapo, which allegedly keeps $10 billion worth of crypto safe on five continents (Bloomberg).

Tech investor Chamath Palihapitiya: I’m a Warren Buffett ‘disciple,’ but he’s wrong about bitcoin

The former Facebook executive summed it up with, “Not everybody is right all the time” (CNBC).

Bitcoin Is The New Rock And Roll

The disruption of the controversial music fifty years ago is similar to that of Bitcoin: This wave of enthusiasm over the soon-to-be ubiquitous technology among millennials and Gen Z is something the ‘silent generation’ (like Buffett and Munger) just can’t understand (Forbes).

Ex-NFL star Ricky Williams studies astrology – and it’s telling him to invest in Bitcoin

Ricky Williams’ time as a professional football player included learning about holistic medicine and astrology, so his unorthodox ways of investing is no surprise: “The insight that got me interested in Bitcoin was the planet Uranus is about to enter into Taurus… Uranus is about revolution; it’s about a change in the way we do things; it’s about innovation… and Taurus is about resources and finances” (CNBC).

Advertising agencies can benefit from Blockchain Technology.

Malta-based law firm elaborates on the benefits Blockchain can add to advertising (Medium: E&S Group).

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