The Best in Crypto – 5/8/18

Former Federal Reserve Governor Supports ‘FedCoin’ Project

A former U.S. Federal Reserve governor Kevin Worsh said the fed should consider releasing a government-sponsored cryptocurrency (CCN).

Bitcoin Nearly as Bad as ‘Trading Harvested Baby Brains’, Says Berkshire VC Munger

The 94-year-old’s comments follow Warren Buffett’s recent negative remarks, leaving little indication that the Bitcoin bashing will let up (CCN).

Bitcoin to Rally on Consensus Conference, Fundstrat Analyst Says

The Manhattan conference, meeting for its fourth year, is expected to be even bigger than previous years (Bloomberg).

Binance CEO Calls ICOs Necessary And ‘100 Times Easier Than Traditional Venture Capital’

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said, “Through my own experience, and watching hundreds of other projects at a close distance, I would say raising money through ICOs is about 100 times easier than through traditional VCs, if not more. With the ease of raising money increased, logic says there may be 100 times more startups, well-funded startups, where ICOs are allowed” (Cointelegraph).

NYT: New York Stock Exchange Owner Wants To Let Customers Buy Bitcoin

The owner of the New York Stock Exchange allowing customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency is the second Wall Street giant open up to crypto in the past week (Cointelegraph).

Startup Raises $3 Million to Build ‘Proof-of-Space-Time’ Blockchains

Seed funding allowed a startup striving to improve how Blockchain reaches consensus to raise $3 million (Coindesk).

Tyler Winklevoss Tells Bill Gates How to Short Bitcoin

On Monday, Tyler Winklevoss tweeted, “Dear @BillGates there is an easy way to short bitcoin, you can short #XBT, the @CBOE Bitcoin (USD) Futures contract, and put your money where your mouth is!” (CNBC).

BMW Test Drives Blockchain for Car Mileage Tracking

Through its startup innovation program, BMW is utilizing blockchain platform to track the mileage in its leased vehicles (Coindesk).

How Goldman’s Bitcoin Bid Could Change Industry

The affect this Wall Street giant’s involvement could have on the crypto world (Investopedia).

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