The Best in Crypto – 5/7/18

Bitcoin Builds Momentum in Run to $10,000

Bitcoin reached a high of $9,954.95 before fluctuating down and back up again (Forbes).

Bill Gates: I’d Short ‘Crazier, Speculative’ Bitcoin if I Could

Microsoft founder criticized Bitcoin claiming it was a “greater fool” investment (Cointelegraph).

“It Was Never a Security”: Ethereum Under the Regulatory Spotlight

Ethereum is under enquiry over its 2014 presale by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodities Future Exchange Commission over whether or not the cryptocurrency should be classed as a security (Cointelegraph).

Startup That Puts Diplomas on the Blockchain Raises $3 Million

The startup Learning Machine worked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop a system for putting digital diplomas on the blockchain (Coindesk).

Iceland’s Missing Bitcoin Miners May Be in China

The 600 missing Bitcoin mining machines were reportedly seized by police in Tianjin (Coindesk).

Is Bitcoin a Safe Investment?

Financial writer weighs in on the dangers of the crypto world (U.S. News).

All Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Japan Must Comply with Five New Criteria

New rules applicable to all existing and future crypto exchanges in Japan (

Bitcoin is Rallying Рand Can No Longer Be Dismissed. Here Are Three Reasons Why 

The reasons mentioned are regulation clarity, Bitcoin’s rising price and Goldman Sachs’ move into the market (CNBC).

Why April 2018 Was a Great Month For Cryptocurrencies?

Market analysis on the past month (Medium: Hi Crypto News).



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