The Best in Crypto – 3/6/18

PayPal Files Patent for Cryptocurrency System

The company’s patent filing was for an “expedited virtual cryptocurrency transaction system” to potentially speed up Bitcoin transactions (Marketwatch).

The Storied Chicago Stock Exchange Could Be a Takeover for a Crypto Company

The Chicago Stock Exchange hit a wall when the SEC denied its request to merge with the Chinese-based company, due to concerns over the proposed ownership structure (Business Insider).

How and Where to Buy Cryptocurrency? An Overview

An overview of different ways to buy cryptocurrency today (Cointelegraph).

US Marshals to Sell Nearly $25 Mln Worth of Seized Bitcoin at Auction

US Marshals are going to auction off $25 million worth of Bitcoin that was seized from criminal and civil convictions on March 19th (Cointelegraph).

Bitcoin on Lightning Too Risky? Maybe Ice Cream Will Tempt You

Three college students in San Francisco are looking to start an ice-cream delivery service that runs on Bitcoin’s developing Lightning Network when launched (Coindesk).

Blockchain Needs Some Centralization, Says Chinese SEC Official 

Head of the technology unit at China’s Securities Regulatory Commission believes Blockchain’s full potential would be best used if relied on a centralized infrastructure (Coindesk).

Where Will Bitcoin Be In a Decade? $100 is More Likely Than $100,000, Says Harvard Economist 

According to Harvard Professor and Economist Kenneth Rogoff, Bitcoin’s “actual uses as a transaction vehicle are very small” (Fortune).

Should Bitcoin Be Used to Help Countries Hit By Disaster?

Bitcoin entrepeneurs want to rebuild Puerto Rico as a cryptocurrency-fuelled economy after Hurricane Maria (BBC).

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