The Best in Crypto – 5/31/18

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA: Price Analysis, May 30

Recent analysis of the crypto market (Cointelegraph).

Central Bank Of Russia: Crypto Assets Do Not Pose Risk to Global Financial Stability

Yesterday, the Central Bank of Russia released a report stating that crypto assets do not currently threaten global financial stability due to the low volume of global crypto transactions, but “crypto assets could constitute a risk to financial stability in the case of further market growth, large-scale involvement of retail and institutional investors, banks, and other market players” (Cointelegraph).

The Future of Crypto Exchanges: Decentralization Is Coming

The 99 percent of transactions going through centralized exchanges is expected to change to decentralized in the coming years (Coindesk).

Stock Trading App Removes Crypto Price Tracking After Debut

Possibly due to regulatory concerns, a Chinese stock trading app Tong Huashun removed its crypto-asset price tracking feature, which offered a real-time price index for major cryptocurrencies by market capitalization (Coindesk).

The Russia World Cup Could Be About To Boost The Bitcoin Price

The expected flood of football fans into the country is creating hope for increased Bitcoin investments after the ongoing battle against Visa and MasterCard (Forbes).

Bitcoin company Blockchain hits 25 million crypto wallets

One of the oldest Bitcoin companies Blockchain is the world’s number one provider of free wallet software, and it hit a significant milestone this week: 25 million customer wallets (Yahoo Finance).

The Humanitarian Side of Bitcoin

Highlighting the side of Bitcoin that often gets forgotten, which is its decentralised nature creating the ability to undermine oppressive government and provides financial freedom to families in need (in countries such as Venezuela) (International Policy Digest).

Bitcoin is like Napster: an important flop, Ripple CEO says

Brad Garlinghouse, the chief executive of Ripple compares Bitcoin to Napster in the sense that the latter changed the rules of digital music, but didn’t actually succeed. Garlinghouse added, “This is transformative technology, but Spotify and iTunes and Pandora rule the day because they engaged with regulators to solve a real problem” (Cnet).

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Geopolitical turmoil and economic unrest

Bitcoin’s performance is analyzed and compared to global events (Brave New Coin).


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