The Best in Crypto – 5/29/18

German Prosecutors Sell Seized Crypto for Millions of Euro

“Prosecutors in the German federal state of Bavaria have sold seized cryptocurrency worth €12 mln ($13.9 mln), the highest such sale in German legal history” (Cointelegraph).

Bank of England: Central Bank Digital Currencies Can Jeopardize Commercial Banks

The paper published by The Bank of England “argues that such a scenario – involving universal disintermediated access to the central bank’s balance sheet, alongside preserved payment functionalities – could have critical consequences for the commercial banking sector: ‘With respect to the availability of overdraft facilities, it wouldn’t be unimaginable that the private operators could also provide lines of credit bundled with payment functionalities'” (Cointelegraph).

A New Twist On Lightning Tech Could Be Coming Soon to Bitcoin

Detailed description of what developers are creating for improvements, called Eltoo and L2 (Coindesk).

Universities to Build Blockchain DAO for Affordable Education

With the goal of making educational resources more affordable, Chinese colleges including Tsinghua University are planning to build a decentralized, blockchain-powered organization (Coindesk).

I Would Be Shocked If Bitcoin Prices Weren’t Manipulated

A trader/structurer/strategist explains why he doesn’t doubt Bitcoin price manipulation (Forbes).

Top 6 Bitcoin (BTC) Alternatives in 2018

List and description of the top 6 Bitcoin alternatives, starting with Litercoin, Ethereum and Verge (Global Coin).

Bitcoin Addicts Crave Risk, Excitement, Escape

The debate over the similarities between Bitcoin investment and gambling (Bitcoin News).

What Happened to Bitcoin (BTC) These Past Few Days?

Elaboration on its failed bull breakout, global Bitcoin prices and HODLing (Yahoo Finance).

Is Bitcoin Trading Going Institutional and What it Means For You

With banks opening their doors, the possibility for the future is discussed (Finance Magnates).

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