The Best in Crypto – 5/25/18

South Africa’s Central Bank Calls Crypto ‘Cyber-Tokens’, Not Currency

Because digital currencies “don’t meet the requirements of money,” the South African Reserve Bank calls them “cyber-tokens” (Cointelegraph).

VeChain, a Shanghai-based blockchain startup, is testing a blockchain application to fight counterfeits because “at least half of the Chateau Lafite-Rothschild consumed in China is fake” (Cointelegraph).

The Record-Breaking $152 Million Battle Over Blockchain Betting Tool Augur

Elaboration on what happened to the trustless prediction market system in 2015 (Coindesk).

South Africa investigates $80 million bitcoin scam

According to the South African police, “the fraud investigation involves a company named BTC Global, which told clients they would earn 2 percent per day, 14 percent a week and 50 percent in a month” (Reuters).

EY’s Maritime Blockchain Insurance Tech Is Now Live

Based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based technology,  professional services firm Ernst & Young and software company Guardtime developed the blockchain platform Insurwave, the blockchain-based insurance platform for the global shipping industry (Coindesk).

Will Big Banks Make Or Break Bitcoin?

The various stances and influences big banks have on the economy and digital currency (Forbes).

Czech Utility Company Introduces Crypto Payments

One of the largest energy suppliers in the Czech Republic Pražská Plynárenskáis is “about to join a growing number of Czech businesses processing crypto payments by introducing them to the energy sector” (

Bitcoin value gyrates amid report of Department of Justice manipulation investigation

The price swings following the recent investigation discussed (USA Today).

Porn Star Stormy Daniels Adds Crypto Rewards to Official Website

The adult movie actress, famous for claiming to have had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006, is rewarding those who visit her website and watch her videos with cryptocurrency through a partnership with Vice Industry Token (Coindesk).





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