The Best in Crypto – 5/23/18

Australia’s Prime Minister Ordered Blockchain Research Push, Gov’t Agency Says

Australia invested $250,000 into Blockchain this year, thanks to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Cointelegraph).

From the Internet to Crypto – How the World’s Richest Have Sized Things Up

Industry leaders’ opinions on crypto/blockchain and how it relates to the revolutionary introduction of the internet (Cointelegraph).

Bank of America Patents Blockchain Security Tools

The bank won a patent called “‘system for managing security and access to resource sub-components’ [which] explains how security tokens (essentially electronic keys, distinct from blockchain-based assets that mimic physical securities) would be used to grant access to certain users to the information contained in a particular block. According to the text, the system would be automated, effectively meaning that the network itself would grant and track access” (Coindesk).

Ohio Could Become Next US State to Legally Recognize Blockchain Data

Senator Matt Dolan may successfully change sections of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, in Senate Bill 300, to include blockchain records and smart contracts as electronic records, allowing the technology to be used to store electronic information and provide ownership rights (Coindesk).

California Congressional candidate goes after fellow Democrat with anti-Bitcoin attack ad

In a competition for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming Congressional race for California’s 45th district, Dave Min targets democrat Brian Forde’s donors, calling them “Bitcoin speculators that oppose cracking down on drug deals and human trafficking” (Hard Fork).

Bitcoin Is For Agile Companies

Financial writer defends, and elaborates on, Bitcoin’s value (Forbes).

South Africa kidnappers make ransom demand in bitcoin

A 13 year-old-boy was abducted from a playground and the abductors left note demanding £92,000 worth of cryptocurrency for his release (The Guardian).

Coinbase: A bitcoin start-up spreading its bets to dominate cryptocurrency economy

After reaching $1 billion revenue mark in 2017, the cryptocurrency exchange has bigger plans to dominate a crypto economy, and “is poaching key executives from Silicon Valley giants and making big investments in venture capital, index fund and institutional investor businesses” (CNBC).

London Mosque Becomes First to Accept Cryptocurrency After Bitcoin Declared Halal

One month after an Islamic scholar declared the cryptocurrency permissible under Sharia Law, the Shacklewell Lane Mosque in Hackney is accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum in hopes of raising at least £10,000 in cryptocurrency donations over Ramadan (The Independent).

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