The Best in Crypto – 5/17/18

The SEC created a fake ICO website to show just how easy it is to scam investors

The website included a fake eight page white paper, fake celebrity endorsements and a fake team working on the ICO (MarketWatch).

Investors are going to buy bitcoin whether advisors like it or not, says financial pundit

JPMorgan chairman Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a “fraud,” while Lex Sokolin of Autonomous Research claims advisors need to familiarize themselves with the technology in order to address client questions (CNBC).

Bitcoin is consuming as much energy as the country of Ireland

The low end of what Bitcoin is consuming every year is 2.55 jigawatts (The Future).

Large Global Payments Processor Unveils Airdropping Campaign Among Users

CoinPayments announced the airdrop of its own utility token the CPS Coin (Cointelegraph).

Taiwan: Taipei Bank Launches First Blockchain Payment System In The Country

Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank is deploying a blockchain-based payment system Taipei Times (Cointelegraph).

Kraken Donates $1 Million to Blockchain Advocacy Group Coin Center

Kraken’s CEO Jesse Powell donated at the advocacy organization’s annual gala in New York City (Coindesk).

Jack Dorsey Is All In on Bitcoin as the Currency of the Future

When speaking to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Jack Dorsey demonstrated his support of digital currency being the way of the future (Bloomberg).

Big Bitcoin Exchange Welcomes High-Speed Traders

Coinbase Inc. said it would upgrade its systems with services that cater to “ultrafast traders” (Wall Street Journal).

5 of the Most Ridiculous Bitcoin Price-Target Forecasts

Price-target forecasts ranging from $64,000 in 2019 to 1,000,000 in 2020 (The Motely Fool).

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