The Best in Crypto – 5/12/18

Harvesting Baby Brains with Crypto Wars — Issue No. 24

This week’s crypto news and analysis with Goldfinger and BTO (CEO.CA).

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Allows Newcomers To Copy Trades By Professionals

Tadelize says its “tailor-made products” and “sophisticated digital tools” allow users with a variety of experience to find service that suits their specific needs (Cointelegraph).

Bank Of Canada Says Blockchain Effective For Securities Settlements, Questions ‘Benefits’

Canada’s Central Bank, in addition to TMX Group and Payments Canada, has positive things to say about about the blockchain-powered settlement platform (Cointelegraph).

Justice Department Veteran Backs Bitcoin Crime-Fighting Tool

Bitfury has hired 11-year veteran Michael DuBose to help push its Bitcoin blockchain tracking product Crystal (Coindesk).

IBM, Global Citizen Seek Blockchain Solutions for Humanitarian Aid

The two giants are teaming up to use blockchain to improve how donations are made to humanitarian causes (Coindesk).

Watch: First Teaser For ‘Beyond Bitcoin’, Blockchain Doc Bought In Seven-Figure Deal For ‘BVOD’ Platform Binge – Cannes

Trailer to the documentary “Beyond Bitcoin” (Deadline).

Bitcoin Under Pressure. Can A Technology Summit Goose It Higher Next Week?

A major cryptocurrency conference is taking place in New York next week, and the head of research at Fundstrat believes price Bitcoin price rises during and after the conference (Forbes).

The Bitcoin Reformation

Finance writer’s insight on Bitcoin and the crypto market (Forbes).

Why Warren Buffett is Wrong on Bitcoin

A Buffett fan responds to Buffett’s three major criticisms about Bitcoin (Seeking Alpha).

Australian Government Considers Blockchain To Transform Trade Supply Chains

Allegedly, the spokesperson from Australia’s Department of Home Affairs said blockchain could have a significant positive effect on the country’s trade supply chain (Medium: Futures Team).

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