The Best in Crypto – 5/10/18

Why Monero Could Be Headed For All-Time Highs This Summer

Goldfinger provides insight on Monero (321Ethereum).

First Version of Ethereum’s Casper Update Has Been Released

The new version of the code casper is set to improve the economic consensus protocol (Cointelegraph).

US: West Virginia Completes First Blockchain-Supported State Elections

West Virginia’s primary election (closed on May 8) became the first vote in US history that was  government-run and blockchain-supported (Cointelegraph).

JP Morgan’s New DLT Lead: We’re Not Done With Blockchain Innovation

Christine Moy emphasized “that the recent speculation around Quorum does not capture the breadth of JP Morgan’s work in distributed ledger technology” (Coindesk).

Reddit Founder Says Crypto Can ‘Fuel a Potential New Internet’

Alexis Ohnian said,”For so many people in the world to have that security of knowing what’s yours is yours – because it [cryptocurrency] is now digital, it can be transferred with you wherever you are going – is actually pretty empowering” (Coindesk).

‘Bitcoin-stealing Malware’: BTC Wallet Electrum Exposes Malicious Copycat

The Bitcoin wallet service is claiming that “copycat client” Electrum Pro is “Bitcoin Stealing Malware” (CCN).


Trader claims this HUGE ‘breakthrough’ could prompt Bitcoin to rocket to $10,000

The claim is based on the rumor that a crypto exchange is developing a platform that would entice powerful financial institutions (Express).

NYSE’s Parent ICE is planning a Bitcoin Exchange

It’s reported that Intercontinental Exchange is working on “an online trading platform that would allow large investors to buy and hold Bitcoin” (Investopedia).

Can Bitcoin Cross $15,000 By The End Of The Year?

Bitcoin’s forecast is based on Forbes’ Interactive Bitcoin Price Estimator (Forbes).

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