The Best in Crypto – 5/1/18

Hong Kong Gov’t Report Says Bitcoin Poses ‘Medium-Low’ Risk in Financial Crime 

The Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury concluded that virtual currencies like Bitcoin are not particularly involved in money laundering or terrorism financing (Cointelegraph).

ASIC Resistance: Will Ethereum Join Monero Against the Mining Giant?

Cryptocurrencies may abandon Proof-of-Work algorithm because of a new Bitcoin giant Bitmain, which is “stamping out new ASICs for new coins” (Cointelegraph).

Ethereum’s Dialogue Divide is Showing Answers to its Toughest Questions

As the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency continues to grow, “it’s becoming clear its mechanisms for getting input from its constituency are proving problematic” (Coindesk).

Online Research Marketplace Adds Blockchain Verification Service has launched a blockchain-based data verification data verification platform, called DataSmart, that allows the supply chain to ensure the integrity of research data (Coindesk).

4 Facts You May Not Know About Bitcoin 

Mystery Bitcoin billionaire, surprising transaction fee and more (Motley Fool).

Bitcoin Has ‘Elements of all of the Different Asset Classes,’ CFTC Chairman Says

Due to the changing Bitcoin environment, J. Christopher Giancarlo said the cryptocurrency is part currency, part security and part digital coin (CNBC).

Should You Have Bitcoin in Your 401(k)?

Pros and cons of using cryptocurrencies to help save on retirement (Forbes).

Square Shares Drop After Short Seller Citron Calls Bitcoin Strategy ‘Nonsense’

After Citron called Square a “collection of yawn businesses,” shares for Square dropped 3.8 percent (CNBC).

Bitcoin May Have Entered Another Dull Level of Stability

Experts predict “boring stability” after rollercoaster price changes (NBusiness).

Blockchain Concepts to Revitalize the Fashion Industry 

Blockchain’s presence in fashion via ‘fat protocols’ and investment strategy (Medium: Leanne Luce).

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