The Best in Crypto – 4/6/18

Crypto Selloff Driven by $25 Billion Capital Gain Hit, Tom Lee Says

Interesting insight on taxes and crypto by Tom Lee, the head of research at Fundstrat (Bloomberg).

Chainalysis Raises $16 Million for Real-Time Crypto Compliance

The bitcoin transaction analysis software provider recieved a $16 million Series A investment from Benchmark Capital (Coindesk).

Arizona’s Governor Signs Latest Blockchain Bill Into Law

The bill amends the Arizona Revised Statutes to recognize data written and stored on systems using blockchain, allowing Arizona corporations to hold and share such data (Coindesk).

Big Tech Are Banning Crypto and ICO Ads – Is There a Reason to Panic?

A timeline of bans on crypto-related ads, and the effects they’ve had on the market (Cointelegraph).

Mt. Gox CEO Says He ‘Doesn’t Want’ leftover $1 Bln Post-Liquidation Funds

Mark Karpeles stated he “doesn’t want” 160,000 BTC, finding the Japanese bankruptcy issues “distasteful” (Cointelegraph).

Newly-Minted Bitcoin Millionaires Are Lining Up to Buy Lamborghinis

Playing off a crypto meme “When Lambo” referring to investors reaching a point of success to where they purchase the expensive car (Fortune).

Tax Trouble For Certain Bitcoin Traders

More trouble for Crypto investors this tax season (Forbes).

Bitcoin Buying in the Netherlands An Insight

Investing in Bitcoin in the Netherlands is easier than you might think (Merkle).

Can Anyone Mine Bitcoin, and What is Mining as a Service?

Elaboration on Bitcoin mining, Blockchain and MAAS (Merkle).

Could Reasonable Crypto Asset Regulation Actually Benefit the Ecosystem?

The situation of crypto asset regulation and support for/benefits of, it (Medium: Benjamin F. Beideman).


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