The Best in Crypto – 4/5/18

India’s Central Bank to Stop Dealing With All Crypto-Related Accounts, ‘Not Ban on Crypto’ Commenters Say

The Reserve Bank of India has announced it will no longer service any person or business dealing with cryptocurrency, and is looking to release its own cryptocurrency in the future (Cointelegraph).

Korean Crypto Exchange Execs Detained on Fraud and Embezzlement Charges

The co-founder and chief executive of CoinNest, along with two senior executives of an unnamed crypto exchange, were detained and charged with embezzlement and fraud for allegedly moving their customers’ digital assets into their personal accounts (Cointelegraph).

IBM Envisions App Testing Powered by Blockchain 

Public filings show that IBM is to test software using Blockchain technology (Coindesk).

Malta Finance Regulator Warns Against Crypto Margin Trading Sites

Malta’s government warns against StocksBTC (Coindesk).

A 200-Year-Old Idea Offers a New Way to Trace Stolen Bitcoins

A group of Cambridge security researchers argue that you can distinguish the contraband coins from the legitimate ones around them based on a legal precedent from an 1816 British court decision (Wired).

Why Investors Are Betting Millions On Bitcoin Surveillance

Elaboration on the complicated task of tracking cryptocurrencies (Forbes).

What 2018 Events Could Trigger a Bull Run?

Events such as Ethereum blockchain changes and Bitcoin-based ETFs are mentioned (Investopedia).

How Would You Explain Blockchain to Your Parents?

The value of simplifying a very complicated technology (Medium: Shardix).






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