The Best in Crypto – 4/29/18

Let’s Gooooo with Crypto Wars – Issue No. 22

Goldfinger and BTO round up the week in this issue of Crypto Wars (CEO.CA).

What Crypto Investors Can Learn From George Soros

Lessons from “the man who broke the Bank of England” and his $26 billion family entering the crypto market (Coindesk).

5 More Payments Firms to Adopt Ripple’s xVia Tech

Three firms are from the U.K., one from Malaysia and one from Georgia (Coindesk).

Consulting Firm Predicts Ethereum Could Reach $2,500 by the End of 2018

The price rise would occur due to the growing adoption of smart contracts, according to deVere Group (Cointelegraph).

Crypto Market Hitting $40 Trln in 10 Years “Definitely Possible”, Says Pantera Capital

“[Dan] Morehead emphasized that the market has now come back 25 percent since its early 2018 dip, and forecast it would hit new highs within the coming year:

‘Bitcoin has come down below its 200-day moving average, and that is important because the currency has been going up at 170 percent per annum for six years… it’s come off 65 percent since its highs and if you put 100 bucks in each of the four times it’s touched its 200 day moving average, you’d have a 285 percent return… it’s a screaming buy right now'” Coindesk).

Is the Tokyo Bitcoin Whale Set to Strike Again?

Questions arising as Mt.Gox’s is set for another Bitcoin sale (MarketWatch).

German Bank Launches Crypto Trading for Institutional Investors

VPE WertpapierhandelsBank AG has become the first bank in Germany aimed at wealthy institutional investors (Trustnodes).

St. Louis Federal Reserve Says Bitcoin is ‘Like Regular Currency’ 

A blog post based on earlier fed research said that “bitcoin units have no intrinsic value” followed by, “the U.S. dollar, the euro, and the Swiss france . . . have no intrinsic value either” (Fortune).


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