The Best in Crypto – 4/26/18

From Pork to Diamonds: How Blockchain is Making the Logistics Industry Transparent

What Blockchain has already done for the logistics and supply industry, and the potential is still has (Cointelegraph).

German Securities Trading Bank Reportedly Becomes First in Country to Trade Crypto

VPE WertpapierhandelsBank AG has created a cryptocurrency trading service for institutional investors through a partnership with a Berlin-based technology company solarisBank (Cointelegraph).

The 17th Millionth Bitcoin is About to be Mined: What is Means and Why it Matters

There are only 21 million Bitcoin to be mined – about one-fifth of the supply remains for future buyers  (Coindesk).

IBM Partners with Jewelry Industry on Hyperledger Supply Chain Project 

The TrustChain initiative, where IBM works with jewelry industry leaders, will track diamonds and precious metals as they travel from mine to market (Coindesk).

Blockchain: The Power Behind Bitcoin

More on the technology behind the cryptocurrency (Iowa State Daily).

After Nasdaq CEO Blesses Cryptocurrency, Investors See Bigger Future for Bitcoin, Other

Adena Friedman’s announcement of Nasdaq collaborating with crypto exchange Gemini, in addition to positive comments about cryptocurrency, is leaving optimistic sentiment about the future of the industry (Forbes).

Why Ether and Ripple — But Not Bitcoin — Prices Might Come Under Pressure Soon 

Bitcoin, altcoins, regulation, appreciation and more (The Street).

2018 Bitcoin Review: New Technology and Investments

Topics mentioned include corporations investment in blockchain and positive signs for the industry’s future (Medium: Mac Mischke).



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