The Best in Crypto – 4/24/18

How British Financial Regulator Creates A Foundation For UK Cryptocurrency Adoption

A big move for positive crypto regulation in the UK thanks for England’s Financial Conduct Authority (Cointelegraph).

Shenzhen, China Backs $79 Million Fund To Support City’s Blockchain Startups

A $79 million (500 million yuan) Blockchain venture capital fund was launched for the Chinese city (Cointelegraph).

How the Tiny Nation of Georgia Became a Bitcoin Behemoth

Due to a U.S.-based mining company Bitfury and heavily subsidized electricity in the Alazani Valley, Georgia is getting its fair share of cryptocurrency experience (NPR).

Golden Rules to Follow in Crypto Trading

Investor shares 11 tips on following the crypto market (Medium: Mr Crypto India).

‘Enough is Enough’: Finance Guru Sues Facebook Over Crypto Scams

The founder of MoneySavingExpert blog Martin Lewis is suing Facebook for allowing scammers to use his likeness in ads (Coindesk).

California Bill Would Legally Recognize Blockchain Stocks

The bill allows companies to store data, such as stockholder information, on a blockchain (Coindesk).

Let’s Destroy Bitcoin

Three ways Bitcoin could be destroyed/become irrelevant (MIT Technology Review).

Bitcoin Price Rises to $9,299 as Cryptocurrency Market Reaches $417 Billion 

Increase of $400 in 24 hours (CCN).

Power-Sucking Bitcoin ‘Mines’ Spark Backlash

“‘We don’t want someone coming in, taking our resources, not creating the jobs they professed to create and then disappear,’ said Tim Currier, mayor of Massena, a village just south of the Canadian border, where bitcoin operator Coinmint recently announced plans to use the old aluminum plant site for a mining operation that would require 400 megawatts — roughly enough to power 300,000 homes at once” (Abc News).



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