The Best in Crypto – 4/19/18

NASA Funds Development of Autonomous Spacecraft That Uses Blockchain 

The use of blockchain technology eliminates the need for human intervention (Cointelegraph).

Japanese Police Arrest 12 Men for Allegedly Buying $1.7 Mln in Bitcoin with Fake Fiat

Arrests over fraud continue in Tokyo and Hyogo (Cointelegraph).

Scam Twitter Profile Impersonates 6 Different Crypto Accounts 

Utilizing the verified blue checkmark on his profile, freelance film producer and director Seif Elsbei changes his display name and pictures to fit any brand he wants, with his most recent victim being Bitfinex (Coindesk).

Kraken CEO: Crypto Exchange Won’t Answer New York AG’s Inquiry  

Kraken’s CEO questions why he should answer to New York’s Attorney General when they left the state in 2015 (Coindesk).

What Bitcoin is Really Worth may No Longer Be Such a Mystery 

Two economists claim Bitcoin’s actual value is $200 (Bloomberg).

$19 Billion Square’s Market Cap Surges 15% Due to its Bitcoin Venture

Due to the introduction of Bitcoin trading in Square Cash, each share went up $15 (BTC News).

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero — Is the Train Leaving the Station Again?

Price change for major cryptocurrencies displayed (Forbes).

Amazon Has a Plan to Narc on Every Single Bitcoin User

“The US Patent and Trademark Office have released a blockchain-related patent that Amazon first filed for in 2014, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect. Rather than coming up with a way to secure the delivery chain or drones using blockchain, Amazon instead has appeared to work out a way to de-anonymize cryptocurrencies, and make money selling the data to law enforcement (or anyone else)” (BGR).

Top 5 Illegal Ways to Make Money From ICO

Just in case you’d like to know (Medium:Alex Stargame).


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