The Best in Crypto – 3/30/18

Ripple Gives Away ‘The Largest Donation of Cryptocurrency’ To Support Public Schools 

Fulfilling over 35,000 funding requests from teachers, Ripple donated $29 million of its own cryptocurrency XRP to support US public schools (Cointelegraph).

China to Develop Centralized Crypto, Protects Yuan Against Non-State Digital Currency 

The People’s Bank of China’s continued effort to protect the Yuan (Cointelegraph).

Taxing Every Bitcoin Purchase Will Backfire on the IRS

Potential problems arising with the IRS and cryptocurrency (Coindesk).

Email Service MailChimp to Block ICO, Crypto Marketing

The distribution company is barring ICO and crypto-related marketing campaigns (Coindesk).

Bitcoin Drops From $7,900 to $6,600 as Cryptocurrency Market Takes a Beating 

The slump continues (CCN).

The Ancient History of Bitcoin 

The past and potential future of Bitcoin (Bloomberg).

College Students Are Secretly Mining Bitcoin in Their Dorms: ‘On Room Check Days, I Have to Put a Blanket Over It’

Story of an old freshman at the University of Kentucky mining in his dorm (Market Watch).

The Problems with Bitcoin and the Future of Blockchain 

More on Blockchain (Forbes).



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