The Best in Crypto – 3/24/18

Feeling OK With Crypto Wars – Issue No. 18

Here, Goldfinger finds a couple of reasons to be optimistic about Cryptocurrencies (CEO.CA).

Tennessee Passes Bill Recognizing Blockchain, Smart Contracts For Electronic Transactions

Governor of Tennessee signed a bill authorizing the use of Blockchain and Smart Contracts for electronic transactions (Cointelegraph).

Blockchain System Aims to Identify Health Problems Using AI

Thanks to Blockchain, AI is able to diagnose more accurately, paving way for a change in in the performance of medical tests (Cointelegraph).

IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Report Crypto Earnings

On Friday, the IRS released a friendly reminder that cryptocurrency transactions are taxable like other forms of property (Coindes).

‘Fake News’: Russian Official Reportedly Denies Involvement with Petro

Deputy director of Information and Press Department of Russian Foreign Ministry Artyom Kozhin denied the claims that Russia helped Venezuela launch its government-backed cryptocurrency Petro, even calling it “fake news” (Coindesk).

How Low Can You Go? 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy That Dip

Five things to consider when buying and selling crypto (Bitcoinist).

Is Bitcoin Still a Safe-Haven Asset?

Analysis of where Bitcoin stands in the crypto market (Forbes).

Bitcoin Drops Over 4% After Japan Warns Largest Operator

After Japan issued a warning to Binance for unlicensed operations, Bitcoin fell more than 4 percent yesterday (Economic Times).

Top 10 ICOs You Must Invest On [sic]

ICO background information, scam warnings and top ten (according to the author) (Medium: Dunner Dunner).

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