The Best in Crypto – 3/21/18

US National Security Agency Develops System To Identify Bitcoin Users, Say Leaked Docs

In classified documents revealed by Edward Snowden, the NSA is able to locate receivers and senders of Bitcoin (Cointelegraph).

Volumes on Most Major Crypto Exchanges Are Fake or Inflated: Study

Cryptocurrency trader Silvain Ribes conducted a study on cryptocurrency exchanges and inflation (Cointelegraph).

Too Cheap? The Case For Higher Blockchain Fees

According to a group of researchers, cryptocurrency users not paying for certain data Blockchain are hindering the growth of the network (Coindesk).

Maryland Bills Call For Study, Possible Regulation of Blockchain 

House Bill 1634 and Senate Bill 1068 (together known as the Financial Consumer Protection Act of 2018) call for Maryland to potentially regulate blockchain technology (Coindesk).

Bitcoin and Litecoin – What’s the Difference?

Description of Litecoin, and where it differs from Bitcoin (Forbes).

What the Founding Fathers’ Money Problems Can Teach Us About Bitcoin

Comparison of the experience with trade and foreign currency during colonial times with the recent fascination with cryptocurrency (Smithsonian).

Reddit User Says He Owes the IRS $50,000 Thanks to Bitcoin – Here’s How to Avoid That Tax Bill

Bottom line: If you’ve increased your wealth, expect to pay taxes, and set aside about 30 percent of the gross amount (CNBC).

Cutting Out the Middle Men: Blockchain in the Solar Industry

Blockchain’s involvement with the Solar industry according to Hyperion Fund COO Noel Shannon (Medium: Sasha Beburov).

5-Hour-Rule: Why You Should Spend Time Learning

The importance of intellectual capital in relation to the blockchain space (Medium: Michiel Mulders)


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