The Best in Crypto – 3/19/18

ICOs Iced: A 12-Month Freeze on U.S. Token Trading Is Just the Beginning

Elaboration on last week’s announcement that the SEC is investigating ICO-associated companies and startups (Coindesk).

Twitter Will Ban Cryptocurrency Ads in Two Weeks, Says Report

Joining Facebook and Google, Twitter is reportedly banning ads associated with crypto exchanges, wallets and ICOs (Coindesk).

Mt. Gox, Coincheck, Binance and More: How Exchanges Are Learning to Deal With Cyberattacks

List of recent cyber attacks, and what came of each one (Cointelegraph).

Virtual Clinic Uses Blockchain to Transform Treatment for Seriously Ill Patients 

TrustedHealth’s platform utilizes Blockchain technology to connect patients with chronic or life-threatening illnesses with doctors who specializes in their condition (Cointelegraph).

How Blockchain Can Help the Recruitment and Social Selling Industries

Useful aspects to the Blockchain technology, and how it can help the industries of social selling and recruitment (Forbes).

How Bitcoin brought the ‘Wild Wild West’ to Iceland

From cold weather to death threats, Bitcoin mining is bringing the heat to Iceland (EuroNews).

The Five Worst Bitcoin Scams

Five major scams/traps/hacks listed and described (Digital Trends).

Ethereum Starts the Week in a Bearish Trend

Analysis on Ethereum’s recent week (Medium: Coinfinex).

5 Things To Do before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Five tips for investing in crypto, varying from trusting your intuition to knowing the price trend (Medium: Crypto-Addicts).

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