The Best in Crypto – 3/16/18

Bitcoin’s ‘Death Cross’ Looms as Strategist Eyes $2,800 LevelĀ 

Moving-average indicators look bearish, and 2013 downturn sends bad signals to technical analysts (Bloomberg).

At DC Hearing, Coinbase Calls Out Federal Regulators For ‘Harming Innovation’

The Chief Legal and Risk Officer at Coinbase made the statements at a DC hearing where a subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and Investments “discussed ICOs and cryptocurrency, the potential benefits for the provision of legal support to its investors, and the development of a regulatory approach applied by the appropriate US regulatory bodies” (Cointelegraph).


Cryptocurrencies As Portfolio Diversification: Systematic Hedge with Excellent Risk-Reward Profile

Increasingly, investors new to crypto are asking if cryptocurrencies could provide enough diversification to the traditional portfolio asset allocation (Cointelegraph).

Google AdWords: ‘Ecosystem That Works For Everyone’, Except For A Lot of Good People

Following Google’s recent ban on crypto-related advertisements to ‘protect’ consumers from the infamous ICO scams, the article argues that the ban on legitimate businesses, such as Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallets, is harmful as well (Cointelegraph).

Royal Bank of Canada Explores Blockchain to Automate Credit Scores

In a patent application, the outline of a blockchain-based platform, where credit ratings would automatically generate using the borrower’s historical and predictive data, was released (Coindesk).

So Long ICOs, Hello Airdrops: The Free Token Giveaway Craze is Here

The good (receiving $1,000 in tokens for joining a newsletter) and bad (feeling of spam email bombardment) aspects to free tokens and airdrop utilization (Coindesk).

Mining Bitcoin Costs About As Much As Buying One These Days

According to recent calculations by the lighting company Elite Fixtures, it costs as much as $26,170 to mine one Bitcoin (in South Korea) (Fortune).

New Investors Discovering They Have Hefty Tax Bills to Pay May Be Contributing to Bitcoin’s Fall

“The amount of capital gains from just U.S. investors in the rise of crypto pays for the damn wall,” says Bradley Rotter, vice chairman of Rivetz (CNBC).

Two Magical Ways to Turn Your Spare Time Into Crypto

The two topics covered include: how your coins can work for you with Proof of Stake, and how applications in this ecosystem can help you earn money (Medium: Coin and Crypto).

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