The Best in Crypto – 3/13/18

Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin ‘Has Potential’ to Drop Below February Low of $5,922

Goldman Sachs’ technical analysis team made a Bitcoin prediction (Cointelegraph).

Anonymous Blogger ‘Bitfinex’ed’ lawyers up for legal battle with Bitfinex

The blogger who “exposes possible fraud by largest Bitcoin exchange, Bitfinex/Tether'” reportedly hired a DC lawyer as a part of the ongoing legal dispute between the blogger and the crypto exchange Bitfinex (Cointelegraph).

Japan’s Third-Largest Electric Provider is Testing Bitcoin on Lightning

Chubu electric power Co. is emerging as one of the first major companies in the world to try the promising Bitcoin payment technology (Coindesk).

Coinbase Releases Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator 

The cryptocurrency exchange launched a new gain/loss calculating tool in effort to help its users keep up with U.S. tax requirements (Coinbase).

Marathon Launches Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining Operation 

Marathon Patent Group Inc. has announced its expansion into the Bitcoin mining business with operational facilities in the region of Quebec  (Finance Magnates).

How to Estimate Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value

How to utilize the Bitcoin Price Estimator (Forbes).

Cryptos Denied in Court

The Moscow Arbitration Court explained the refusal to include the cryptocurrency in the bankruptcy case of a natural person by the fact that the digital currency does not belong to civil rights objects, and due to the lack of legislation regulation, it cannot be classified as “assets,” “property,” or money “surrogates” (Medium: Happy).

Catchy and humorous rap that perfectly captures the current state of cryptocurrency:

Click the link to view the YouTube video (Momentology Music).

Hilarious clip on Cryptocurrency by John Oliver:

Click the link to view the YouTube video (John Oliver).

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