The Best in Crypto – 2/9/18

Bitcoin Reached Its Bottom as Crypto Beat Hedge Funds, Says Digital Currency InvestorĀ 

Bitcoin could surge in the next couple of weeks, according to Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead, “There’s such an institutional appetite for exposure.” Since its inception in 2013, returns on Pantera’s cryptocurrency hedge fund are 22,000 percent (CNBC).

Binance Resumes Service as System Upgrade Completes

Today, the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange has announced the resumption of all trading activities, including deposits and withdrawals (Coindesk).

Wallet Wars? MyEtherWallet Developer Goes Solo to Launch MyCrypto

Popular Ethereum wallet interface MyEtherWallet (MEW) has released an alternative product, One of the developers Taylor Monahan stated that MyCrypto is the next level form MEW (Cointelegraph).

Coincheck Exchange Confirms Yen Withdrawals to Start Next Week

The Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has announced that it plans to allow users to start withdrawing local currency from their accounts next Tuesday (Coindesk).

Startup is Developing Software to Control Devices With Your Mind

Combining the science of mind-control devices with Blockchain technology, startup company Neurogress wants to create software that will recognize brain commands (Cointelegraph).

Forbes’s New List Of Bitcoin Billionaires is Already Hopelessly Out of DateĀ 

Due to the recent plummeting cryptocurrency price, many of those listed as billionaires are no longer – 10 to be exact. The market is too volatile to be sustaining, and so are the fortunes (Vanity Fair).

Forget the Stock Market, Investors Are Trading in Gold for Bitcoin

With many investors trading in their physical gold for the digital kind, one investor’s reasoning for trading at Bitcoin’s highest was: “Why keep it in gold when it stays in the $100 range, when I could buy Bitcoin when it is increasing every day?” (Fortune)

Bitcoin Cash Surges Close to 40% as Market Rebounds

Bitcoin Cash surged as much as $1,317.27 yesterday. Analysts noted several factors, including the broader recovery in cryptocurrency prices, and Bitcoin’s high fees and network congestion (Fortune).

Russian Nuclear Scientists Arrested for ‘Bitcoin Mining Plot’

Russian security officers have arrested several scientists working at a top-secret Russian Nuclear warhead facility for allegedly mining cryptocurrencies (BBC News).

What Bitcoin Reveals About Financial Markets

Opinion piece surrounding the idea that although it’s not likely Bitcoin’s bubble burst would cause financial markets to crash, it should destroy our faith in efficiency of markets (New York Times).

Bitcoin: What Do the Experts Have to Say About the Cryptocurrency?

Memorable comments from the past year on cryptocurrency from eleven senior figures in the world of finance (The Guardian).


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