The Best in Crypto – 2/7/18

General Manager of BIS Wants to Prevent Crypto From Joining ‘Main Financial System’

The head of the Bank for International Settlements calls on central banks to prevent crypto from joining mainstream finance, comparing Bitcoin to a “Ponzi Scheme” (Cointelegraph).

UAS Issues Warning on ICOs , Says Investors Should Assume Full Risk 

UAE’s Securities and Commodities Authority warns investors of ICO’s high volatility, lack of regulation and misleading offers (Cointelegraph).

New Regulation For Crypto? US Senate Hearing Rekindles Debate

At the meeting of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on Tuesday, the SEC chairman asks for additional legislation over cryptocurrency market (Coindesk).

Bitcoin’s ‘Many Problems’ Puzzle Regulators

The SEC, seeking ot protect investors from scams, struggle to pose regulation because of the unclear definition of what Bitcoin is, or what it does (CNN Money).

Bitcoin Rebounds From Three-Month Low in Volatile Trade

On Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price rose from $5,920 to $7,260 (up 6 percent) leaving optimists to say the lower prices will entice investors (Reuters).

Carl Icahn: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Are ‘Ridiculous’ – ‘I Wouldn’t Touch That Stuff

The billionaire investor says it may be his age, but he would not even consider investing in cryptocurrency (CNBC).

Lawmaker’s Bill Would Accept Bitcoin For Financial Transactions in Tennessee

Nashville lawmaker wants to make it official that Tennessee accept electronic cryptocurrencies for financial transactions (The Tennessean).

Bullish Outcome? Crypto Industry Reacts to Senate’s Remarks

In the wake of the US Senate Committee of Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs ¬†hearing, industry observers were “sighing a breath of relief” (Coindesk).

UNICEF Recruits Gamers to Mine Ethereum in Aid of Syrian Children

Cryptocurrency scheme is a part of a wider UN effort to revolutionize aid with Blockchain technology, increasing financial transparency (The Guardian).

Did Big Banks Crush Bitcoin, Rippler, Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Analysis of Crypto market drop, and the recent bank action in relation to cryptocurrency (Forbes).

Bitcoin Buyer ‘Loses $440,000’ in a Matter of Weeks After Sudden Collapse

A man with no background in finance or computers watched his Bitcoin value drop from $600,000 at Christmas to $160,000 this week (Sky News).

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