The Best in Crypto – 2/6/18

Unified Crypto Regulation Proposed by Russian PM Dmitri Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister said that crypto regulation should be common all over the Eurasian Economic Union, claiming it will be impossible to enforce regulation in only one country (BlockTribune).

Bitcoin Dips Below $7k Amidst News of China’s Full Ban of Cryptocurrency Exchanges 

Bitcoin hit a new low yesterday as it dipped below $7,000 (Cointelegraph).

Bitcoin’s Correction Could Well Have Shaken Out Potentially Damaging Customers 

Analysis of the milestones hit in awareness of Bitcoin (Cointelegraph).

What to Expect When CFTC, SEC Chiefs Talk Crypto With Congress

Congress is set to have the most consequential hearing on Cryptocurrency regulation with questions from Senate Banking Committee expected to yield notable moments (Coindesk).

ICO Tokens Are Already Changing Traditional Startups

Instead of profiting from a flat fee of a user’s transaction, companies are making money by keeping a large portion of the limited supply of tokens, gaining value by the fluctuating demand (Coindesk).

Bitcoin Billionaires Want a Crypto Utopia Under the Sun

To avoid taxes, recent Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires are moving to Puerto Rico. Some are hoping to set up a crypto utopia where money is virtual and all contracts are public, hoping to reinvent society (Bloomberg).

Bitcoin is the New Gold For the Cryptocurrency Age 

Opinion piece going over reasons why Bitcoin is struggling (The Straits Times).

Cryptocurrencies Are Fighting Back After Bitcoin Dipped Below $6,000 

Bitcoin dropped below $6,000 joining Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash in dropping in double digit percentages (Business Insider).

Banks, Retailers, China Have All Bailed on Bitcoin

Companies no longer ‘supporting’ Bitcoin include Stripe, Microsoft, Bank of Scotland, and Halifax (Forbes).

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