The Best in Crypto – 2/5/18

12 Reasons Bitcoin Cash is the Real Bitcoin

A breakdown of Bitcoin cash, and the positive attributes it possesses (Bitcoin News).

Are Bitcoin Defaults Rising Because of Bitcoin Speculation?

The risk, and current state, of using credit cards to purchase Bitcoin (Forbes).

Lloyds Bank bans Bitcoin Purchases on its Credit Cards

The ban starts Monday, and applies to Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA customers (BBC).

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America & Citi Bar People From Buying Bitcoin With a Credit Card

The reason for the ban lies in the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, and the risk associated with it (CNBC).

Vitalik Buterin Donates $2.4 Million in Ether to Anti-Aging Research

The SENS Researching foundation, a charity funding treatment for age-related diseases, received the donation from Buterin. The goal of the foundation is to allow humans to live longer than ever before (Cointelegraph).

Canada: Regulators Approve Country’s First Blockchain ETF

Harvest Portfolios received approval to issue Canada’s first ever blockchain-based exchange Exchange-Traded Fund (Cointelegraph).

The Decentralized Web Might Just Need Databases, Too 

Companies like Filecoin and Storj are already working on decentralized file storage, as there is a gap in the vision of Blockchain (Coindesk).

Why Crypto is Spreading Up the Dublin Coast

Enthusiasm spreads as interest in investment and local industry workers grows on the Crypto Coast (Coindesk).

Bitcoin Has a Huge Scaling Problem – Lightening Could Be the Solution

Lightening, the project aiming to build a fast, scalable, and cryptographically secure payment network layered on top of the existing Bitcoin network, is almost ready to launch (ars Technica).

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