The Best in Crypto – 2/3/18

Charlie Lee: Bullish on Bitcoin and Litecoin Long Term, Short Term Impossible to Predict

Interview with the founder of Litecoin and former director or engineering at Coinbase who recently announced that he sold and donated all of his Litecoin, in addition to a proposing a Litecoin soft fork that would allow for a new type of fee market to develop for the altcoin (Cointelegraph).

Report: Bank of America, JP Morgan Ban Credit Crypto Purchases

Bank of American and JP Morgan Chase announced that they will no longer enable credit cards to buy Bitcoin, starting February (Coindesk).

Remembering Cryptocurrencies (RIP) with Crypto Wars – Issue No. 12

Recap on the Bitcoin market with Goldfinger and BTO (CEO.CA).

Bitcoin Biggest Bubble in History, Says Economist Who Predicted 2008 Crash

Nouriel Roubini claimed the 12 percent fall in Bitcoin value on Friday was the latest proof of the Bitcoin bubble that is destined for a crash (The Guardian).

Cryptocurrency Market Stabilizes After Violent Sell-Off 

Cryptocurrency market stabilized today with Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum all higher from a day ago. Experts worry over tighter regulation and destabilization due to Tether (CNBC).

Bitcoin’s January Struggles May Hold Clues For the Near Future

Cofounder of Joe Najarian expects more cryptofunds will launch in the total market capitalization stating, “Altcoins are going to be more dominant this year” (CNBC).

Dead Again? In Reality Bitcoin is up 729% Since Last February 

‘Bitcoin Bubble’ headlines are criticized, as the articles argues the cryptocurrency is just getting started (Bitcoin).

How to Be a Bitcoin Thought Leader

Startups and legacy brands are pivoting to Blockchain, venture firms are investing in cryptocurrency, and investors and executives are looking to put themselves in a place of authority in the Bitcoin world (Wired).

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