The Best in Crypto – 2/28/18

Chinese Universities Are Pursuing Blockchain Patents

Top-tier Chinese universities are working on patent blockchain applications developments on campus (Coindesk).

Hive Blockchain to Release Third Quarter Financial Results on February 28, 2018

Publicly traded crypto miner HIVE Blockchain will announce quarterly earnings after the market close Wednesday followed by a webcast 8:30am EST Thursday morning (Hive Blockchain).

JPMorgan Chase Admits Cryptocurrency is a ‘Risk’ to its Business for the First Time

Despite CEO previously stating Cryptocurrency was a “fraud,” cryptocurrency is now being taken seriously by the big bank, even acknowledging it as a veritable threat to the future (Fortune).

Circle X Exchange Will Be More Than Coinbase Challenger 

VC-backed Circle bought one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms Poloniex, and plans to create a new kind of exchange that gives users access to a whole host of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens (Coindesk).

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Ripple

Analyst and author describes what Ripple is, and how it differs from Bitcoin (Forbes).

How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are growing rapidly worldwide, and many are at risk for cyberattack. It’s crucial for investors to keep their eye out for red flags, and know about fees and security safeguards (CNBC).

Bill Gates, “Cryptocurrencies… Caused Death in a Fairly Direct Way” in Reddit AMA, Community Reacts

Bill Gates claims cryptocurrencies are “super risky” due to its anonymous nature (Cointelegraph).

Rapper 50 Cent Denies He is a Bitcoin Millionaire at Bankruptcy Court

After 50 Cent confirmed a TMZ report that he received 700 Bitcoin for a previous album on Instagram, the post is now deleted, and he is now claiming it is untrue at his first bankruptcy hearing (Cointelegraph).

Unbanking of the World: Bitcoin Vs. Blockchain 

Breakdown of the relationship between blockchain and Bitcoin with big banks (Medium: Sajwal).

The Future of Ethereum Doesn’t Have Wallets

MyCrypto CEO and founder refers to Ethereum wallets as a keychain (Medium: Taylor Monahan).

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