The Best in Crypto – 2/26/18

Why We Shouldn’t Pay Much Attention to Regulation in China, At Least For Now

Famed stock picker Ronnie Moas says the fear and damage regulation is “only noise” to the strength of cryptocurrency (Cointelegraph).

Launch of Litepay Could Send Litecoin Over $300

Our very own Goldfinger analyzes the favorable link between Litepay’s launch and Litcoin’s price rise (321Ethereum).

European Commission Roundtable: Blockchain ‘Holds Promise,’ Investors Must Know Risks

On Monday, the European Commission hosted a roundtable titled Cryptocurrencies РOpportunities and Risks. The two prominent conclusions were: risks must be clear, and blockchain technology holds a lot of promise for financial markets (Cointelegraph).

After Facebook, Will Global Ad Regulators Reject ICOs?

Regulators are keeping their eye on advertisements put out by ICO companies, and France’s stock market regulator is looking to cut advertisements on crypto derivatives (Coindesk).

Venezuela May Limit New Crypto Exchange Launches

Venezuela’s government may restrict the number of cryptocurrency exchanges that operate domestically – as few as eight (Coindesk).

Bitcoin Spikes $700 Higher in Sudden Move

Spiking 7.5 percent in 24 hours, Bitcoin is trading near $10,200 (CNBC).

This 11-year-old Just Wrote a Book on Bitcoin That Hopefully a Kid Can Understand 

A Massachusetts middle school student Andrew Courey wrote a book titled, “The Early Bird Gets the Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide to Everything About Bitcoin” when he wasn’t at school, playing sports, or working on mobile apps (CNBC).

Nearly Half of 2017’s ICO ‘Projects’ Have Already Died

Of the 903 ICOs tracked by TokenData, 142 failed before raising funding, and another 276 failed after funding (Fortune).

Here is Why Bitcoin Could Double, or Triple by the End of This Year

Some reasons why: Proposed regulation in South Korea could make Bitcoin become a legal asset, approval of Bitcoin’s ETFs in the U.S. in the second half of the year could enable Bitcoin to transition into a trillion dollar asset and favorable regulation and functional improvements leading to consumer confidence should propel Bitcoin’s price to rise (Seeking Alpha).

The Special Petro 

Details about Venezuela’s Petro (Medium: Happy).

Blockchain Will Change the World. Some Examples of Blockchain Real Life Use Cases

A list with descriptions of things Blockchain could improve/alter including distributed cloud storage, decentralized social networking sites and encrypted messaging (Medium: 482.Solutions).





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