The Best in Crypto – 2/23/18

Tezos Head & Board Member Step Down, Platform Prepares ‘Timely Launch’

After two board members, including the founder, stepped down, the blockchain project may finally begin, as they were replaced by two Tezos community members (Cointelegraph).

Turkey, Iran to Release State-Backed Cryptocurrencies On Heels of Venezuela’s Petro

The governments of Turkey and Iran are considering developing their own digital currencies – each announced by government officials (Cointelegraph).

High Stakes: Ethereum’s Fight Over Lost Ether Explained 

Frequent and high profile cases of lost Ether lead the way to proposing the controversial code EIP 867, which makes it easier to reclaim lost Ether (Coindesk).

Why Venezuela Should Worry About a National Crypto

Amid sparse details, it is said that the Venezuelan president created this to bypass financial sanctions, it gives the government control over crypto in its territory and Petro is created by a leader with a past of corruption (Coindesk).

Five Reasons 2018 Could Be the Best Year Yet For Cryptocurrencies 

The five reasons are the work on scaling issues, large scale and more legitimate ICOs, regulation, a lot of execution and usability, and institutional investors (CNBC).

These Cryptocurrencies May Beat Bitcoin in the Coming Months 

Some scheduled forks highlighted: ZClassic/Bitcoin fork of Bitcoin private, Monero fork of MoneroV, and Ethereum Classic airdrop of Castillo (Fortune).

Bitcoin: More Trustworthy Than Some Academic Critics

Known for his scholarly writings on the gold exchange standard and on the euro, historian Harold James is being critiqued on his take on Bitcoin based off of common misconceptions (Cato at Library).

Former Bitcoin Exchange Operator Arrested: SEC Charges Him With Fraud

The Security and Exchange Commissions has charged Bit-Funder with fraud for operating without a license – a sign that fraudulent practices are being cracked down on (The Independent).

The Banks Are Scared Of Cryptocurrencies… And So They Should Be!

Breakdown of Bitcoin’s value and potential (Medium: Peter McCormack).

The Cryptocurrency Marketplace Has Room to Grow 

Coinbase’s 13 million users are moving to Robinhood’s 3 million users because of free crypto trading that the latter exchange platform offers (Medium: Banyan Hill Publishing).



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