The Best in Crypto – 2/20/18

BoE’s Carney Says Bitcoin Has ‘Pretty Much Failed’ As Currency

By the traditional benchmarks, Bitcoin has failed as a currency – it is neither a store of value, or a useful way to buy things, according to Bank of England Governor (Business Insider).

Bitcoin Breaks $11k As New Support Forms And Analysts Turn Bullish

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has outperformed the majority of the top 50 altcoin assets (Cointelegraph).

The 6 Types of Cryptocurrency Users in This World

The six types of cryptocurrency users: The alarmist, A man with “connections”, A believer, Forever banned user and Sarcastic troll (CCN).

Criminals Are Reportedly Abducting the ‘Cryptorich’ to Steal Their Bitcoin

Groups of criminals around the world are targeting people known to have large amounts of cryptocurrencies with abduction and ransom requests (Business Insider).

Vitalik Buterin Has a New Idea for ICOs – And It’s Being Tested

Buterin is working to ensure that investors get more control over ICOs (Coindesk).

Who’s Said What About the Coinbase Dispute

The dispute over Coinbase users claiming inaccurate charges were made on behalf of the exchange (Coindesk).

Bitcoin’s Transaction Fee Crisis Is Over – For Now

The median fee peaked at $34 in December, and is now at $1 (Ars Technica).

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin For Beginners 

A Westchester cryptocurrency expert explains blockchain (Westchester).

My Current ICO Investment Status

Crypto investor explains his process of investing in and hodling cryptocurrency (Steemit: Oren730).

Why Decentralization Matters

A breakdown of the importance of decentralization with an emphasis on its relation to the internet (Medium: Chris Dixon).

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