The Best in Crypto – 2/2/18

Bitcoin: ‘The Mother of All Bubbles And Biggest Bubble in Human History Comes Crashing’

Economist and chairman of Roubini Macro Associates Nouriel Roubini talks about the crash of the Bitcoin bubble (Business Insider).

Regulated, Government Issued Cryptos to Challenge Bitcoin in 2018

US Treasurer Steve Mnuchin said there is an effort being made to prevent cryptocurrencies being used for illicit trade. Countries like Russia created its own, government-issued cryptocurrency (Cointelegraph).

Newly Detected Malware Uses NSA Exploit to Mine Monero, Over 500k PCs Infected

Cybersecurity Researchers have discovered a new Monero-mining botnet malware Smominru that has infected over 526,000 PCs worldwide. It uses National Security Agency exploit ExternalBlue to spread (Cointelegraph).

Alt-Right ICO? Gab to Sell $10 million in Tokens

Revealed in an SEC filing on Tuesday, the alt-right-friendly Gab let slip it intends to raise $10 million in a forthcoming initial coin offering (Coindesk).

CFTC Beefs Up Bitcoin Futures Review Process

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is developing a “heightened review process” for cryptocurrency futures (Coindesk).

Did Someone Solve This 3-year old, $50,000 Bitcoin Puzzle?

One of the most watched addresses on the  Bitcoin Blockchain, 1FLAMEN6, was emptied of its five bitcoins. The address is linked to the mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto (Motherboard).

Cryptos Tumble After India Says It Will “Take All Measures to Eliminate” Their Use

India’s government became the latest to denounce cryptocurrency after stating it is not a legal tender (Zerohedge).

‘Safer’ Ways to Own Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The risks in investing in Bitcoin, and the precautions you can take (Money).

‘We Like Naked Girls.’ This Bitcoin Conference Rented a Miami Strip Club for ‘Networking’

The North American Bitcoin Conference rented out E11even following the 10 hour day for “a little bit of R&R” (Fortune).

UPS Might Make a Locker That Accepts Bitcoin

The global shipping giant might be accepting Bitcoin through an item-exchange locker service (Coindesk).

Bitcoin & Ethereum: The Key Levels You Need to Know

Goldfinger analyzes Bitcoin and Ethereum this week (321Ethereum).

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