The Best in Crypto – 2/17/18

Banks Replaced With Blockchain at International Food Program

By replacing currency transfers with cryptocurrency’s technology, international officials are discovering they can avoid bank fees (Bloomberg).

Back to the Moon With Crypto – Issue No. 14

This week’s crypto news, including JP Morgan’s Bitcoin bible, tax payments made in cryptocurrency and Binance going down (CEO.CA).

Unprecedented $100 Million Ethereum Community Fund is Launched

The Ethereum Community Fund, having already raised the equivalent of $100 million, is launched, looking to help foster the Ethereum ecosystem (Bitcoin News).

Cointelegraph’s ‘Top People in Blockchain’ Rating Released

In the $400 billion industry, the criteria for the winners is the amount of mentions their name got in mainstream ratings such as Forbes’ and Fortune’s. Those named include Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, Vitalik Buterin, Laura Shin and Perianne Boring (Cointelegraph).

The CryptoKitties Competitors: 4 Ethereum Games That Are Catching UpĀ 

The major Ethereum application Dapp has a large number of users trading “Crypto Collectables” such as CryptoCountries, Crypto-All Stars and CryptoCelebrities (Coindesk).

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