The Best in Crypto – 2/13/18

Litecoin is the Second-Most Popular Cryptocurrency on the Dark Web

Out of 150 messages, message boards, market places and illicit services on the Dark Web, 30 percent of those vendors currently accept Litecoin, according to a a study conducted by Recorded Future (CryptoBible).

“The World is Starting to Come to Terms With Crypto” Says Nivida’s CEO

Claiming virtual currency is as real as virtual goods and games, Nivida’s CEO and founder claimed cryptocurrency is not going anywhere, especially because of the success of Blockchain technology (Trust Nodes).

Thailand: Central Banks Asks All Banks to Avoid Crypto, Pending Regulations 

Until a new regulation framework is formed, The Central Bank of Thailand requests other banks to avoid cryptocurrency, creating a circular on Monday that bans banks from investing and trading in crypto, in addition to participating in and creating crypto exchanges and platforms (Cointelegraph).

VectorZilla Token Features

The PR team of VectorZilla describes the new token (Medium).

France and Germany Boost Cryptography Policy Discussion at the G20 Summit 

The details about the letter issued by French and German senior officials urging financial officials from other nations to discuss the regulatory implications of cryptocurrencies at the next G20 Summit (Steemit: G4m30ver).

Comcast VC Arm Embarks on ‘Agressive’ Blockchain Investing Plan

Comcast Ventures is investing in Blockchain startups that invest in Blockchain startups. Sowing many blockchain seeds has a goal of not only profit, but expanding the company’s benefits from technology (Coindesk).

Microsoft To Embrace Decentralized Identity Systems Built on Bitcoin and Other Blockchains

Through the Authenticator App, Microsoft will will support Blockchain-based IDs (DIDs) for use in decentralized identity systems (Forbes).

Bitcoin Investors Aren’t Paying Their Cryptocurrency Taxes

Data from a tax preparation service found that just .04 percent of U.S. tax filers have reported their cryptocurrency gains and losses – less than the 7 percent of Americans that are estimated to own cryptocurrency, and are likely to owe IRS on those investments (Fortune).

FAQ: What Happens When I Choose to “Suppress Ads” on Salon?

News site Salon can ‘trade’ ad suppression for ‘unused computer power’ – Bitcoin mining? (Salon)

The Bitcoin Evangelists Selling ‘Millennial Gold’

Daily Beast technology reporter Taylor Lorenz writes about her experience at a New York Bitcoin meet-up (Daily Beast).




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