The Best in Crypto – 2/10/18

Bitcoin for Tax Payments? Arizona May Be the First State to Allow It

Thanks to a bill advancing through legislature, Arizona may be the first state to accept tax payments in Bitcoin (AZCentral).

Ethereum Devs Call For Public Debate on Fund Recovery

Ethereum’s more senior developers are calling for a debate over what steps, if any, should be taken at the software level to return funds lost in high-profile hacks and incidents (Coindesk).

IRS Forms New Team to Track Down Crypto Tax Evaders

The US IRS assembled a team consisting of 10 investigators for international crime investigations, as well as for finding tax evaders who use cryptocurrency (Cointelegraph).

Japanese Crypto Investors To Pay Tax of Up To 55 Percent on ProfitsĀ 

Investors in Japan will pay between 15 and 55 percent on their profits declared on their annual tax filings this year (Cointelegraph).

Why Crypto Needs to Start Talking Seriously About SpankChain

Insight on the combination of crypto nerds and sex appeal: Adult entertainment-based ICOs (Coindesk).

Nuclear Scientists Logged On to One of Russia’s Most Secure Computers – to Mine Bitcoin

Several scientists working at a nuclear weapons facility in Russia were arrested on the suspicion that the country’s most powerful computers were being used for mining Bitcoin (Washington Post).

Bitcoin Trades Higher as Equities Bounce Around

Cryptocurrency prices rose on Friday, reaching a weekly high of $8,720 (MarketWatch).

U.S. Marshals Auction Completes the Sale of 3,800 BTC

Bitcoins seized from various civil forfeitures and criminal cases were sold for $31 million (Bitcoin News).

Meet the Richest People in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Who Are Worth More Than $17 Billion Combined

Most of the people on the list are CEOs and founders of some of the biggest companies in Blockchain, with their worth fluctuating to as high as $24 billion (Business Insider).

Ethereum May Overtake Bitcoin in 2018

If energy usage is reduced and scalability issues fixed, Ethereum has the potential to surpass Bitcoin’s market cap this year (Seeking Alpha).

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