The Best in Crypto – 1/29/18

Equity Markets vs. Cryptocurrency Markets: Weekly Performance Review

Comparative analysis of indices and cryptocurrency movement (Cointelegraph).

Why Are Portuguese Increasingly Excited About Cryptocurrency Trading: Expert Blog

In Portugal, personal income taxation is not applicable to cryptocurrency gains (Cointelegraph).

Can Bitcoin Be Destroyed? The 7 (Unlikely) Paths to Irrelevance 

Seven unlikely situations in which Bitcoin could be destroyed are described with the expected timing and potential impact (Coindesk).

The Periodic Table of Blockchain 

A breakdown of the Blockchain technology (Coindesk)

Cryptocurrency Rating Agency Says Ethereum is Better Than Bitcoin and Ripple –Should You Trust It?

Florida-based Weiss Ratings graded dozens of cryptocurrencies according to risk, technological innovation, and other fundamentals. No cryptocurrency received an A, but Ethereum beat Bitcoin and Ripple (Forbes).

Erik Finman Isn’t Concerned About a Bitcoin Bubble or Price Decline

Well-known Bitcoin millionaire is remaining hopeful, despite Bitcoin’s recent fall, believing it’s the “natural order of things” (Merkle).

Bitcoin Robbers ‘Knew About Victim’s Fortune Because of His Prolific Trading on the Internet’ – As Experts Say Thieves Will Struggle to Exchange Stolen Cyber Currency Without Raising Suspicion

Armed robbers armed the house of 30-year-old City trader Danny Aston in rural Oxfordshire, and tied up his girlfriend. Held at gunpoint, Aston was forced to transfer his Bitcoin holdings (Dailymail).

Cryptocurrency Hackers Use Youtube to Target Computers for Bitcoin and Ripple Mining

By attacking computers through the video platform’s advertising service, hackers are able to use different users’ computer power to mine their digital coins (Express).

The Key in Bitcoin’s Next Breakout May Lie in Google Search¬†

DataTrek Research’s cofounder said the key is looking into Google search and wallet growth. The amount of times the word “Bitcoin” was searched correlated to the amount of people that are interested (CNBC).

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