The Best in Crypto – 1/27/18

Fight the FUD With Crypto Wars – Issue No. 11

Humorous update on this week in the crypto world by Goldfinger and BTO (CEO.CA).

Coincheck: Stolen $534 Million NEM Were Stored on Low Security Hot Wallet 

The coins were stolen via several unauthorized transactions from a hot wallet at 3:15am on Jan. 26 when hackers were able to steal the private key. Coincheck claims to know the address where the stolen NEM is currently being stored, and hopes to find the culprits (Cointelegraph).

Katy Perry Posts Her New ‘Crypto Claws’ on Instagram 

With more and more celebrities sharing their love for crypto, Katy Perry posted a picture of her manicure featuring 3D decorations of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and Monero (Cointelegraph).

Numbers or Not, Coincheck isn’t Another Mt. Gox

The last time a Japanese exchange was hacked was and was Mt. Gox in 2014; the blow was devastating to the Cryptocurrency market, taking over two years to recover (arguably). With today’s quick bounce back, it is evidently not the case with Coincheck (Coindesk).

Vitalik: First Part of Ethereum’s Sharding Roadmap is Nearly Done 

Vitalik Buterin said part one of phase one is nearly complete of deploying the new technology that will allow Ethereum’s network to scale (Coindesk).

Bitcoin Prices Rebound Following Possibly the Largest Cryptocurrency Hack Yet

The security of the cryptocurrency market is emphasized because of the many types of players in the market; Coincheck’s loss is not bringing the crypto market down with it (Fortune).

Bitcoin: A Definitive Guide

A breakdown of Bitcoin (what it is, common misconceptions, its potential), stated by a prestigious fashion magazine (Vogue).

Davos: Bitcoin is Not a Currency 

The consensus in Davos, Switzerland is that Bitcoin will never be a useful currency, claiming it is too volatile (CNN).

Why 5 Big Players Bemoan Bitcoin 

Five reasons Bitcoin can struggle reaching success by an otherwise optimistic viewer of Bitcoin (Forbes).



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