The Best in Crypto – 1/25/18

Rapper 50 Cent is Now a Bitcoin Billionaire

The rapper accepted payment for his 2014 album (equivalent to $400,000 then), resulting in a multi-million dollar windfall today (Coindesk).

Bermuda Could Launch a Blockchain Land Registry

Aiming to shift away from its “old-school” system of recording deed information, Bermuda plans to migrate its property deeds system to the blockchain (Coindesk).

Volkswagon Chief Digital Officer Joins Blockchain Non-Profit Board

A nonprofit blockchain foundation for the Internet of Things has announced the chief digital officer of Volkswagon is on he advisory board. The IOTA platform allows micropayments to be digitally sent to connected devices, making it useful for the Internet of Things (Cointelegraph).

Comments by John Kerry, Jamie Dimon Show Davos’ Apathetic View of Cryptocurrency

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry said that cryptocurrency is a topic of discussion at the World Economic Forum because it has value. JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon claimed he was not a skeptic after being pressed about his previous comments calling cryptocurrency a fraud (Cointelegraph).

South Korea Releases Official Guidelines for Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Banks

The South Korean government has officially released the guidelines on regulation of cryptocurrency regarding real-name trading and money laundering (Bitcoin News).

The SEC and CFTC are taking the Right Approach to ScamsĀ 

In a joint statement issued today, the SEC and CFTC said they will continue to target frauds covered up by looking like initial coin offerings (Coincenter).

Bitcoin ETF Hype Meets Regulator Reality in the Race to Be FirstĀ 

Due to regulatory hurdles and structural issues, Canadian firm are struggling to launch the world’s first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (Bloomberg).

The 10 Most Commonly Googled Questions About Bitcoin – Answered

Common questions, and their answers, are ordered in the order they are asked, with the most common question being, “What is Bitcoin?” (Money)

Here’s the Fundamental Bitcoin Valuation Metric That Determines the Cryptocurrency’s Price Moves

A follow-up article (link to the ‘first’ one in the article opening) that discusses “hodling” (holding on for dear life), and the power it holds in the cryptocurrency market (Forbes).

This 19-year-old Bitcoin Millionaire Offers ‘Crucial’ Advice to Young People Looking to Invest

Currently owning 401 Bitcoins, the recent high school dropout Eric Finman is excited about the fact young people can change economic classes so quickly. Making his first million dollars by the age of 18, he leaves the advice, “Find what you’re good at, and find a way to make money doing it” (CNBC).


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