The Best in Crypto – 1/24/18

European Central Bank to Discuss Bitcoin and Blockchain With Youth

There is going to be a dialogue between the president of the European Central Bank and a diverse group of students and young people on Feb. 12 – one of the questions regards Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology (Cointelegraph).

Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin: Which is Best For You?

Evaluation (including advantages, disadvantages, and features) of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin (Cnet).

Bitcoin Forking Madness Could Result in 50 Splits This Year

Bitcoin forking, where coins are created as Bitcoin’s clone with a (possible) new feature. While some are made to improve bitcoin, others to make a quick profit (Fortune).

Goldman Sachs Report Warns Investors of Bitcoin’s ‘Bubble’

Goldman Sachs reports the Bitcoin bubble is bigger than the dot-com era and the famous Dutch Tulip mania (Coindesk).

Payment Processor Stripe Ends Support for Bitcoin, Hypes Altcoins

The mobile payment processor Stripe, worth $9 billion, is winding down its Bitcoin integration until it is no longer accepting it at all. The company has accepted, and supported, Bitcoin since 2015, and made this recent decision to to long transaction time (Cointelegraph).

Benevolent Bitcoin Stranger Donates Millions in Digital Currency to Chicago’s Family Charity

Opening with one family’s story, this article is about an anonymous donator who gave $86 million dollars worth of Bitcoin to various charities with various missions (NBC Chicago).

Now is the Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin, Says Digital Currency Hedge-fund Manager

Emphasizing that the drop in Bitcoin’s price does not mean the ‘end’ of Bitcoin, BK Capital Management Founder Brian Kelly shares his three tips for investing (CNBC).

Five Predictions for Digital Currency in 2018 – Including Stomach-churning drops, Bitcoin-related IPO

Several investors and analysts list five predictions for Bitcoin  in 2018, including regulation, price, and investors (CNBC).



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