The Best in Crypto – 1/22/18

A Credit Suisse report downplays the effect bitcoin mining has on the environment, claiming the industry will likely develop more energy-efficient practices and hardware (CCN):

Bitcoin Mining isn’t an ‘Environmental Armageddon’: Credit Suisse Report

US cybersecurity firm Recorded Future released a report linking a North Korean hacking group, Lazarus, to many South Korean exchanges in 2017. Over $7 million of funds were taken, and it was the same malware used for Sony Pictures’ security breach in 2014 (Cointelegraph):

New Report: North Korean Hackers Stole Funds From South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Joint Bitcoin Analysis team (consisting of FDD and a Bitcoin forensic company Ellicit) discovered that money laundering is not a problem like cryptocurrency critics believe, and the less than one percent of money laundering that does occur is five times more likely to occur in Europe than America (Cointelegraph):

Bitcoin Laundering Less Than One Percent of all Transactions

LitePay, launching in February, which is offering Litecoin cards, wallets and payment terminals, aims to bridge the gap between Litecoin and fiat currency (Finder):

LitePay Litecoin Payment Platform on Track for February Launch

A need for a security ‘makeover’ is emphasized due to the millions of dollars in coins that were stolen via hackings in 2017 alone, and the suggested way to do this is through decentralized exchanges (CCN):

A Case for Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Supposedly influenced by the government shutdown, Bitcoin’s price rose to $13,000 on Saturday (Coindesk):

Bitcoin Defends $11,000 mark, and Aims to Move Higher

The question of what valuation is earned in the $525 billion cryptocurrency market is evaluated (Coindesk):

Don’t HODL, BUIDL: How Blockchain Will Add Value in 2018

Following the Bitconnect exchange shut down, Bitconnect ICO is going ahead as planned, and investors are throwing money at it (Cryptona):

Bitconnect Exchange Transit into Launching an ICO, Needs Another $500,ooo

Old-school precautions prove successful for Nigerians fighting against Bitcoin scams, and their embrace of cryptocurrency may be responsible for that (Bloomberg):

How Nigerians beat Bitcoin Scams

The “potentially revolutionary innovation” of Blockchain technology is discussed – with or without Bitcoin (CBS):

How Bitcoin Could Change the World – Even if it Crashes 

Yale economics professor and nobel prize recipient Robert Shiller is not ready to predict which way cryptocurrency will go, but believes it could “be here for 100 years,” and “has no value at all unless there is some common consensus that it has value” (Investopedia):

Bitcoin Price Bubble Could Last 100 years, Says Yale Economist

Studies show that more than half of Russians know about Bitcoin, the majority of them being young people in major cities, to the point where “Bitcoin” is the most-used word on social media (Bitcoin):

More than Half of Russians Know About Bitcoin Now

According to a finance ministry official, South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchanges will need to pay 22% corporate and 2.2% local income taxes on last year’s earnings by the end of March and April (Fortune):

South Korea Reportedly Plans to Hit Bitcoin Exchanges with Major Tax Bill