The Best in Crypto – 1/2/18

A review of Bitcoin’s growth in 2017.

Record-breaking 2017 Brought Bitcoin, Altcoins Drastically Increased Mainstream Acceptance

Opinion piece by a Forbes contributor about the doubts of Bitcoin being a valuable means of exchange, such as US dollars (Forbes):

The Illogical Value Proposition Of Bitcoin

Ethereum platform’s native token, Ether, hit an all-time high of over $900 this morning (Coindesk):

Over $900: Ether Starts 2018 at All-Time Price High

Monero has replaced Bitcoin as the most-used form of currency in criminal activity due to Bitcoin’s weakened privacy (Bloomberg):

The Criminal Underworld Is Dropping Bitcoin for Another Currency

Bitcoin analyst weighs in on the impact Bitcoin mining can have on the environment via electricity use (Washington Post):

Q&A: How is the growth of bitcoin affecting the environment?

New privacy technology allows anonymity on the amount being transferred (Coindesk):

Aim, Fire: Bulletproofs Is a Breakthrough for Privacy on Blockchains

BitMEX signals support for Bitcoin over Bitcoin Cash by recent liquidation (Fortune):

A Major Cryptocurrency Platform Has Liquidated Its Customers’ Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin

Marko Kobal resigned following 2017’s last hacking. The worth of the stolen Bitcoins is around $63 million (Cointelegraph):

NiceHash CEO Quits After 4,000 BTC Hack, Service To Continue Work


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